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Advice from the SheEO on career building, out now in the spring edition of Latte magazine

“If you think that hard work and playing by the rules is what you need to do to get ahead in your career, think again”.  This is my advice in “Moving on Up” in the Spring edition of Latte magazine, out now.  “There’s a lot more involved than being the best person for the job when you want to move up the career ladder.  This may sound unfair. But it’s reality.”

When editor, Valerie Khoo, asked me to share my insights for the Latte special Career Building report, I didn’t have to look any further than the discussion that takes place here on the SheEO blog.  And the research we’ve conducted at sphinxx over the past 12 months backs it up: women are less likely to play the game by the same rules as the men, which is a problem if the leadership roles (and therefore decision making authority) is held by men, which is true 92% of Australia’s corporate executive roles.  And the way that we do play the game is holding us back.

Take applying for promotions – women are likely to apply a promotion only if they hold 80-90% of the required job competencies already; whereas research shows that men will apply with as few as 20-40% of the job competencies.  And we found from our research that 27% of women have turned down a promotion in the past because they didn’t have the confidence in their abilities to accept it.

Men are great at networking – and do it in a natural and informal way.  Many women, on the other hand think it will be enough for them to simply do their job well, and believe that their efforts will eventually be noticed and rewarded.  Sadly this is seldom the case. 

And what about those who rely on the Sisterhood to get a leg up?  My advice is you could be waiting a long time – the sheer underrepresentation of women in leadership roles in Australia makes it pretty tough for many women to wield great power.  And worst still, some of the ones who make it to the top are Ladder Kickers who have no interest in helping other women to get ahead.

Those of you who are Business Chicks members will have received your copy of Latte already – and for everyone else, you’ll soon be able to access the online version of the mag shortly here so you can share your views on this topic.

If you’d like me to provide commentary for your publication, or to address your leadership team or forum, please drop me a line – advancing women as leaders is my obsession in life and I’d love to contribute!



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