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Are flexible working arrangements a trap for your employees’ careers? Why might they choose not to utilise them? What you can do about it:

The survey:  Does choosing flexible working arrangement prove you’re less serious and committed to your job, and damage your career prospects? This question was posed to 800 female solicitors in the UK, with surprising results.

The Results:

One third were dissatisfied with their access to flexible work arrangements. Half said they believed that using such policies were seen as less serious about their career, and just under half said that working flexibly can damage a lawyers promotions prospects.

But it’s not all bad news, many law firms now have these policies, which is the first step in the right direction of equitable work places, recognised as “crucial if the profession wants to be successful in retaining talented women solicitors” by Kerry Clark, vice president of the Australian Women Lawyers association.

What employers can do about it:

Clark shares a range of insights pertinent to employers, including leading by example “if associates and senior associates see successful part-time and telecommuting partners in their firm, they will aspire to that example rather than leaving the profession in droves”. Which sounds great for the company, for the female talent, for the families of employees and for client retention and relationships.


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