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Are you getting the recognition you deserve?

You might have heard about Susan Boyle, she’s the 47 year old Scottish singing sensation who’s taken the world by storm since she was discovered on Britain’s Got Talent.  (if you don’t know about Susan Boyle then check out her BGT performance on youtube before you read on!) Truth is Susan Boyle could always sing – she’s been singing opera since she was 12 years old – so why did it take her almost 48 years to be noticed?  Susan Boyle says she hadn’t made it as a professional singer because “she’s never been given the chance”. All that changed when she found the confidence and courage to step onto the stage on BGT.  Sure, she could have gone on with the internal satisfaction of knowing she’s a fabulous singer; but to be noticed and recognized and to realize her potential she had to put herself out there and take a big risk, and convince the judges that she’s got what it takes.

I reckon it’s a bit like all those amazingly talented women I cross paths with in Corporate Land.  They’ve absolutely got leadership talent, yet for whatever reason most of them haven’t been “discovered” either.

Maybe you’ve been patiently waiting for the opportunity to step up and lead but haven’t been able to convince your boss (or yourself!) that you can do it.  Or perhaps you’ve put yourself out there but were told your communication isn’t quite sharp enough or you’re not quite influential or persuasive enough; or if you’ve had feedback that you don’t handle stress as well as you could; or that you really need to get a few more runs on the board before you’ll be ready for that big leadership promotion.

If this sounds familiar then I’m giving you the chance to do something about it.

sphinxx is hosting a development day for senior women in business in Sydney on 21st May (other states to follow soon – please register your interest).  Aptly named Get Ahead in 2009, this is a development day for women leaders looking to do just that.  With an agenda designed by women executives, leaders and senior business managers, you’ll be challenged with new skills and thinking around 5 key development areas:

– COMMUNICATE:  How to speak so that he will listen!
– RESILIENCE:  Maintaining personal power in a changing world
– INFLUENCE:  How to present your message for maximum impact
– EXECUTE:  5 steps for translating your ideas into outcomes
– LEADERSHIP:  What you could gain and lose from taking on a directorship

If you only attend one training seminar in 2009, this seriously needs to be the one because you’ll have the chance to gain practical insights and learn valuable skills from six of Australia’s foremost educators & experts who’ll share their top tips to help you advance your career and give you every chance to realise your dreams.  And thanks to our generous sponsors including our major sponsor, Westpac Women’s Markets, we’ve been able to keep the cost down to an absolute minimum – you’ll pay only $295 for a full day of development (or $195 for members of the sphinxx leadership program).

If you’re serious about forging ahead in your career then I really hope you’ll make the most of this opportunity.    To quote one of my favorite leading women, J.K. Rowling, “Anything’s possible, if you’ve got enough nerve”.  But only you can put yourself out there.


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