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Australia’s new Paid Parental Leave Scheme – your cheat sheet with all the key points you need to know whether claiming or processing employer payments

From 1st January 2011, Australia’s first universal Paid Parental Leave scheme will be available to employees and the self employed alike – heralding in a new era for Australia’s working families. While many employees of large companies and government agencies have had access to varying forms of paid and unpaid parental leave programs, many small business owners and self employed will be getting their first taste of paid parental leave under the scheme. 

This summary will tell you what the new Paid Parental Leave scheme means if you’re an employee or if you’re running your own business – including eligibility criteria, limits, timelines and responsibilities for employers including what you’ll need to do to be prepared.

Click here to access this sphinxx summary on Australia’s first universal Paid Parental Leave scheme and share your thoughts – what’s your view on Paid Parental Leave for all?




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