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Be part of shaping sphinxx: take our professional development poll

Many of my conversations with business women recently have been about what kind of support they want, and where they think the gaps are.

I just posted a poll on LinkedIn, with 5 of the most popular answers.

As a business woman, which of the following do you most want support on developing?

  1. My communication skills
  2. My career management skills
  3. My leadership skills
  4. A larger professional network
  5. Better work-life balance

If you’re on LinkedIn you can do the poll here, and if you’re not feel free to throw your pick and thoughts into the comment box below.

Update: Over 15 people have responded so far, and Geeta Sully pointed out that the 2 men that have answered chose work-life balance. So they either recognize it’s a challenge for women, or can sympathize with the struggle.


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