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Do you know what the average salary is for you industry? How do you compare?

By visiting the MyCareer website you can find out what you’re really worth, what jobs pay what salaries and use our Pay Rise Calculator to see how much of pay rise ends up in your pocket. 

Here are some interesting stats on Australia’s Best paying sectors:

Avg.  Min
Avg. Max
 Average Australian Salary $90,914
 Accounting $45,576 $147,714 $81,834
 Admin/Office Support $32,785 $90,406 $52,414
 Automotive $38,143 $119,998 $65,161
 Banking & Financial Services $43,169 $183,300 $86,980
 Community, Sport & Leisure $31,737 $105,885 $60,215
 Construction, Building &    Architecture $48,370 $205,588 $122,889
 Customer Service & Call  Centre $31,343 $102,486 $53,358
 Education $44,338 $110,588 $67,440
 Engineering $45,735 $191,677 $117,019
 Executive $57,368 $257,500 $120,973


Under the ‘Advice & Research’ tab on the MyCareer website you can also get some great work and career tips. For example some of topics headings are: 
Cover Letter Advice
Resume Advice
Interview Advice
Salary & Wage Advice
Career Management Advice
Workplace Advice
Leaving Your Job
Professional Development Advice
Employer of Choice 2009 information

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