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Do you take work home with you? And is that a good thing or not?

There’s an ongoing debate about whether smartphones and other technologies are actually helping us manage work and life more effectively, or are forcing work to encroach on home time.  This new study from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics found that nearly 1 in 10 employees brings work home with them on a typical workday – which I must admit was lower than I was expecting!

The study showed that 9% of nonfarm workers bring some of their work home on a typical workday.  Most workers doing so are male, older, white, and married, but not all are office workers: 3% of the taker-homers are in construction and maintenance, the same percentage as in service jobs. 

The most common reason for taking work home is to finish tasks or catch up – something I’m sure we can all relate to.  

Your thoughts on this? Do you fall into the category of working from home… after a full day in the business? Or do you have tips on how to avoid it?


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