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Even if the race is over, Hillary has set the new heights

If the headlines of almost every major media outlet are accurate, Hillary Clinton’s run towards the Whitehouse may be nearing the end.  Despite her assurances she’s still in the race, the political commentators seem to disagree (see AFR page 14 today – “Dog day for Clinton as challenge fades” by Tony Walker who writes “Unless the former first lady is completely delusional she must comprehend that time – and real estate – are running out for her.”)

It was always going to be a tough sell, convincing America they are ready for their first female President.  But regardless of the outcome, I’m glad Hillary Clinton ran and dared to scale the heights of the highest position in the free world economy.

Thinking for a moment of another Hillary, it was always going to be a risk to attempt to reach the summit.  But simply knowing no-one else had done it before wasn’t a deterrent to Sir Edmund Hillary when he became the first mountaineer to reach the summit of Mt Everest in 1953.  And since then, because of the path that he cleared, 1600 other climbers have been able to reach the summit as well.

Whether or not Clinton makes it any further, she’s already disproved many critics who ruled her out from day one.  Simply running has shown what can be achieved if you dare to be different.  It will be a sad day for me if she rules herself out, but at the same time I’ll be celebrating Hillary Clinton’s success in setting a new height for women leaders all around the world.


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