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Exciting new program, BIG step forward

In November the Australian Institute of Company Directors announced that board diversity was an issue, so what are they doing about the fixing this issue?

The Institute has launched is new initiative designed to achieve greater representation of women on boards.Mr Colvin said that the Australian Institute of Company Directors strongly advocated diversity on boards and that:

 “Diversity is a competitive advantage bringing real value and some boards need to be more proactive in taking advantage of that value…we believe that the current proportion of women on major boards in Australia  – 8.3% of ASX 200 company directors according to the latest available EOWA data is not good enough…needs to be increased.”

The ASX 200 Chairmen’s Mentoring Program will connect 63 brilliant and qualified women with 56 chairmen of ASX 200 companies for twelve month mentoring periods. By enabling these women to develop connections, knowledge, skills and an understanding of how these companies work from these mentors the Australian Institute of Company Directors will see greater numbers of female director appointments,

To find out more details on this incredibly exciting program and step forward for better gender representation,click here.


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