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Now I know from personal experience that there isn’t a huge range of options for fun wardrobe choices in the high-ranking roles in the corporate world. But a great way to inject some personal style and a little smile into your day is with the gorgeous products at Corban & Blair.

Corban & Blair offer a range of portfolios, journals, albums, compendia, cards and many other stationary items. They’re visually appealing in the way that only the combination of talented designers and luxe materials can be. I love their products, I feel like I’ve bought almost their entire range and have often given them as gifts and used their products for my wedding album. 

I was so thrilled when the very inspiring Gillian Corban (cofounder and previous Ascend speaker) agreed to sponsor at the May Ascend development days where they have given us gifts for a raffle to raise money forOzHarvest


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