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From LinkedIn HBR group– “crisp and concise” article with 10 tips for managing upwards

Managing upwards is an art well worth learning in the business community, I can personally attest to that! I think it is especially important for women to learn how to manage upwards well, especially with a male boss who may not have the same experiences, expectations or challenges you have.

Not only can effective managing upwards get you a better performance review increasingly your promotion opportunities, its also an excellent way to develop a great supportive relationship with your boss. Many of my bosses remained a mentor of mine beyond my employment with them, due to a great working relationship built on understanding.

This article was shared on LinkedIn, and is a great platform from which to start managing upwards. It’s all about building a great relationship and positioning your work to benefit that relationship. For example: Tie your work, your requests and your project direction to your boss’s and the company’s overarching goals.


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