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Happy Valentines Day :-) sending you roses and cupid and definitely no Facebook hearts

Ahhhh… The roses… The romance… Whether you love it or hate it, Valentines Day is upon us again.  I love this day, not because I’ve been a serial recipient of the roses kind (though I nearly fell over last night when my man arrived home with the goods – in advance of a work trip today – unbelievable!!) – but it’s the acts of love I see around me that make me smile 🙂

To be clear, I’ve received roses on Valentine’s Day 4 times now in my almost 40 years.  So it’s not an expectation.  But thinking back to my city days, I loved walking the streets at lunchtime on Valentines Day, seeing the blokes carrying flowers for their girls… seeing the girls wide eyed and broad smile carrying their booty.  The sparkle in their eyes of having something to take back to the office and onto their desk.  Ahhhh… that’s sweet!

Now if that’s really not your cup of tea, not to worry I’m sending some good wishes and love anyway.  And of course a red rose… to everyone except Facebook of course, who I am boycotting today for their boycott of women on their board… In that, I ask you to join me… otherwise today it’s each to their own…


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