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Honing your perspective to achieve better results, and a better life

Perspective is a valuable but fickle asset. Getting it wrong can be catastrophic, and getting it right can take a lot of effort. From business innovation to writers block at work, to the 7 year marriage itch to compassion fatigue in life, maintaining a fresh, accurate and enthusiastic perspective can be challenging.

I understand this personally and was much encouraged by the response to May Ascend’s “Rethink your approach” theme because it seemed to be exactly what every woman I spoke to needed to do. Changing your perspective and approach is often critical for taking the next step in your career. So if you know you need a better perspective, you should consider calling in the experts. 

Pollyanna Lenkic is the perspective expert from Perspectives Coaching, and runs a variety of great workshops and executive coaching sessions to help people master the art of perspective. The course helps you to identify and eliminate obstacles that limit your growth and potential and  equips you with the tools, strategies and resources to move forwards.

If you think your perspective needs an overhaul, start at her website.


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