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How can you differentiate yourself from your peers, who have similar training, skills and achievements? 5 overarching career management strategies for women

So much of one’s every day work is about what tasks are getting done, what we’re accountable for, and how to improve your results.

And let’s face it, when you reach management, your peers and fellow contenders for that promotion will probably have similar training, qualifications and experiences to you.

I think way too many highly competent women with the skills to get promoted aren’t, because we aren’t putting ourselves forward enough. I found this article (1) on Career Communique that has 5 great steps complete with key questions and advice.

For example, tip 3:

“Establish clear career goals to support ongoing development and exposure within the organisation. During our interview, Kate mentioned that many women were quick to volunteer their time, however without too much thought as to whether the project would continue to support them in their professional growth. Men however, tended to volunteer to projects that would enable them to boost their profiles.

* Will the project allow you to develop new skills and experiences to help you transition to a more senior-level role?

* Will you be working with influential people in the company with whom you would normally not associate, thus getting you known across the organisation?:”

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