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Huge 50 percent discount of e-Lilianne lingerie for sphinxx readers. Get the code here. Two weeks only

Who doesn’t love sales? And for a sale of 50% off, you’d expect to be standing in a tightly packed line for ages and struggling through shrieking hoards of fellow shoppers. Well, we have a new sphinxx offers for all readers for a full 50% of e-Lilianne Lingerie.

An online Lingerie store, you can select your style and size online without the hassle of lines, rifling through the rack for your size and security tags that disfigure the shape. And for the next two weeks you can use the code SPHINXX50 to get 50% of whatever you’re after.

They also have some adorable pajamas and loungewear, which could make a great gift for a sister or teen daughter.

Explore the store here.


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