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Is being a woman – and the social pressures that come with being of the fairer sex – the reason why women need more help with financial planning?

Panty hose.  Make up.  Hair cuts and colours.  And an ever changing wardrobe.  Being a woman is expensive – don’t we know it.  And made all the more so by the increasing gender pay gap in Australia.  This article not only points out what we’ve long known about the costs of being a woman, but also gives some good tips and resources to help you plan for the future without relying on the Cinderella Syndrome for your retirement plan.

With tips on budgeting, financial planning and good money management websites for women, Annette Sampson has highlighted a number of areas women can work on to improve their financial situation without having to rely on a knight in shining armour to bail them out.

Thanks go to Aedann Antebi for sending us the link.


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