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Is leadership different because of new technologies?

We’re constantly on email, both at our desks and whenever we’re on our phone. Everyone is blogging, texting, tweeting, broadcasting, link sharing and status updating these days. Does this level of constant communication and reach-ability improve our ability to lead our teams, to inspire our friends and to ensure that the work we’re responsible for is as good as it could be?

Jim Champy is an author and consultant, and has written an article on the impact of web 2.0 on leadership for the Harvard Business Review as part of their six part series on what leadership may look like in the future.

A taste of his article:

“Real leadership requires relationships and personal engagement. Nothing I see in technology has yet to replace those qualities.”

Does technology create a false sense of security for leaders? Does technology distract the skills of leaders from their team? Read the full, concise insight here. Share your thoughts below – all comments get an Innoxa goodies bag.


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