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Life balance series: Motherhood and work blog round up

There are a lot of blogs out there about returning to work and how to balance raising your children with your career.Here are a few articles worth reading if they sound like they apply to you:

  1. 8 Pitfalls of New Mums and How to Avoid Them: a basic common sense blog about some challenges your baby-brain may not have planned for.
  2. Avoiding Negative Language: a great blog that will help you defuse those well meaning but upsetting comments such as “I would never let someone else raise my child”. Great if you’ve been pissed off by a well meaning friend recently.
  3. Children and Career Advancement – it can be done: a great interview Anubha Sahasrabuddhe, Marketing Director of Coke- China Coke about balancing and progressing your career with children. I also highly recommend “Finding Your Own Style After Becoming Mum” for a little unrelated to work inspiration.
  4. Mum’s @ Work “Tips and Resources” – a thorough list of downloadable tips on topics from “return to work check list” to “Mum time management hurdles and tips to overcome” to “20 ways to fill your self esteem pot”.
  5. Baby Steps for Working Mums – an article from the Irish Times about the mental tricks we use on ourselves to make sense of being a mum and a worker.


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