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Life Balance Series: User-friendly website full of winter getaways to beat your winter woes

Working in winter can be depressing. The cold and usually copious amounts of rain makes exercising outdoors hard, and even getting to work becomes an unpleasant battle. Everyone is decked out in grey and black, and gets slowly paler from lack of sun. And I know from talking to the sphinxx members that this is often the time of year when one can feel flat, dispirited and uninspired. 

The solution? A winter get away. As old school as it sounds, a change of scenery and even a few days hard-core time off (think socks, woolies, good books and wine) can give you the peace of mind and energy to launch back into work with renewed vigour.

I was exploring some options and came across this site. Quick Get Aways has a huge wealth of information on accommodation. Lots of pictures to scope out the accommodations, and you can search by activity as well. So if you want to go hiking, or shopping or just cosy up for a while, the site showcases your options, so you can book near them.


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