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LinkedIn and the Next Director – free online support and advice for directors and aspiring directors

As you know I’m a fan and long time user of LinkedIn and recently I received an invitation to join the Next Director group
on LinkedIn. Through my 1200+ LinkedIn contacts not a day goes by that
I don’t receive invitations to connect to individuals and groups of
various sorts (if you haven’t already connected with me on LinkedIn – send me an invitation!) The Next Director is one group I’m happy to have been invited to, and I have to say I’ve become a huge fan.
Next Director is focused on preparation for and the practice of
Directorship. Its main objective is to build a platform where company
directors from around the world and with a diverse range of experience
and aspirations can engage with each other, seek and contribute advice
and share ideas and information to meet the objective of bettering
performance – theirs and that of the companies of whose boards they are
group has over 1000 members and a very lively discussion board covering
all aspects of boards and governance… as I write this there are
discussion posts running on Board charter examples, Top Three Tips for
Aspiring Company Directors, How to close down an NFP, structuring
shareholders agreements, whether an NFP board should offer ‘sitting
fees’ to attract high calibre directors, and much, much more.
of all it’s all free to access!  In fact I’ve got more value out of the
Next Director group than I did in years of membership to the AICD!
have no affiliation with Next Director other than being a happy user –
and I thought you might benefit getting on board too – It’s free to
join, well received and used by its members and I personally have been
spending FAR too much time pondering the Q&A on the
discussion board.  So if you’re interested in building a board
portfolio, you might like to join this group – click here to access it or send me a LinkedIn message and I’ll send you an invitation to join.


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