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NEW Mastermind Breakfast in Sydney on the Thursday 15th July. Melbourne sold out and had a very long waiting list, so make sure you book today to be at Sydney’s table.

Last weeks Mastermind Breakfast in Melbourne was a sold out, smash-hit success. And thanks we have another one in Sydney on the 15th of July. Make sure you let us know you’re interested ASAP, so we can contact you and secure your place.

The Mastermind breakfasts are turbo charged mentoring with 9 other women in equivalent roles who have faced similar challenges, and have successful strategies to share.

Feedback from Melbourne Mastermind Breakfast attendees:

“What I have taken from this morning is to continuously remind myself that, life is a constantly evolving journey. Yes, this is essentially quite a basic thing to acknowledge, however, when you truly listen to that statement, you are then encouraged to welcome challenges, hardships, setbacks and side steps. To look at them and really learn from their lessons as well as reaping the rewards of all your hard work and successes. In my opinion, women in general allow ourselves to be held back on the ladder of success, in whatever paths we choose to follow. We are happy to empower and encourage others to succeed yet, sometimes forget to do the same for ourselves. For that reason, I was very much inspired to be in the presence of high achieving, successful, forward thinking women. All of whom in one way or another, have left me with tools I can use along my own journey, both in my professional and personal life.”

“To gain perspective from peers and mentors and to be reminded that I can do anything I put my mind to, was a wonderful way to start my day. I would definitely recommend these breakfasts to other women, from all walks of life. The group was the perfect size. Everyone was able to talk at length if they so wished as well as have an issue acknowledged.”

Contact us now to be part of the Sydney Mastermind Breakfast.


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