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New mums – how to get your body back!

If you are a new mum, check out the “Get Your Body Back” package available from Mums Squad – a 13 week, 26 session fitness program that includes childcare, your own program, boxing gloves and workout gear. Mums Squad has expert post-natal fitness trainers who help you lose baby-weight and rebuild core strength to feel fit and confident in your body.

They mind your baby while you get your body back with a custom program from expert trainers – and you’ll also get a fix of social interaction too. There is 1 nanny for every 6 babies, and more importantly you are never exercising too far away – so if your baby needs you, you’re right there. Sessions are focused around North Sydney, Freshwater and Balmoral.

For more info or phone (02) 9939 3160


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