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Only Australian Groceries – buy Australian and support Australian companies





In Brisbane, Howard and Katie Hooker were so concerned about the lack of Australian products on supermarket shelves that they finally decided to start a grocery business themselves and stock only Australian goods.   

Only Australian Groceries sells Australian owned and Australian made grocery items and delivers to anywhere in Australia (or the world) so that everyone has access to Australian products.  

Many great Australian products have disappeared from the shelves of conventional grocery stores. As taken from the Dick Smith Foods website: “85% of the products in the average Australian grocery trolley are made by foreign owned companies. This results in $100 million a day going outside Australia. By comparison, in Japan, 98% of goods in supermarkets are owned by Japanese organisations.” 100 million dollars a day leaving Australia!!!!. 

If people could buy Australian products, it would help improve employment opportunities in Australia, help farmers, increase the amount of taxes paid in Australia, reduce foreign debt, and help other businesses because profits would be spent in Australia. 

From the website, you can buy all your grocery needs AND enjoy the quality of Australian made products, while saving Australian jobs at the same time.   

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