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Please vote for my question to the Prime Minister on OurSay – on how to better engage women in our workforce

OurSay is a fantastic new community that is promoting democratic debate, it’s next questions forum being with Australia’s Prime Minister, no less! It’s an online community that works by allowing anyone to submit a question – but here’s the crux – only the top 3 questions (determined by a voting system) will be put the Prime Minister on 21st July.  I have posted this question – on how the government plans to engage women better for the productivity of Australia, with policy reforms – and I would really appreciate you voting for my question, it’s just a one-click process so will take 30 seconds of your time. Here’s my question and you vote by clicking here, then on the next screen you simply click on the blue Vote button at the top left of the page. That’s it!

Can you please also spread the word to your networks – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, friends, family, colleagues – there’s been thousands of questions submitted but nothing like this relating to women and work, and what we all need to make that happen.  If we present a united voice, we’ll have more chance of making the real change that we all need.

Just a final note that I really do need each and every one of you to help by voting – the top 3 questions so far have over 4,000 votes each – so we need to to better than that!! Can you please help by spreading the word?!

My question in full is:

Prime Minister, how is your government going to better engage women in the workforce? When are we going to see a complete overhaul of the childcare system, to truly integrate the working reality for parents with the very best in early learning and caring for our kids? Women comprise 51% of our population and yet are completely underrepresented in the country’s workforce participation, leadership positions, high income earners and retirement savings; and over represented in primary caring responsibilities, domestic activity, violence and abuse, and poverty.

Your government has introduced progressive policies to advance the status of women, from the first universal paid parental scheme to a 40% mandated representation of women on government boards. But in a small country like Australia, where we are importing skilled labour to meet ever increasing demands, along with changed workplace practices, we need childcare reforms that pick up where paid parental leave stops, and we need more women in leadership positions to drive cultural change.

So will you take a position on completely rethinking childcare, instead of tinkering at the edges of an outdated system? And will you drive up the representation of women in leadership positions, in our workplaces and communities, by implementing targets for the appointment of women to key leadership roles in Government (such as Chair of government boards and key executive positions), and encourage the private sector to do the same?

Just a reminder that you vote by clicking here, then on the next screen you simply click on the blue Vote button at the top left of the page. That’s it!

Thanks in advance, I hope you’ll help!



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