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Put your expertise on show with the sphinxx SheEO as a guest contributor to The Daily Brainstorm

If – like me – you enjoy a daily dose of mental exercise, you might enjoy  Today I’m featured as the guest contributor for my post on Why Its Still A Boys Club at the Big End of Town.  Those of you who I mentor and encourage to build your personal profile – why not submit an article to the site as well on your areas of expertise?  As you’ll see, this blogazine covers a breadth of topics from all over the world – from 31 Ways to Carry Out Random Acts of Kindness Every Day to recipes for Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle to Why You Should Treat Customer Relations Like a Marriage..

So all you need is a good idea, carefully crafted, and you can get your message (and your name) out to a global audience of thousands.

Go on… what are you waiting for?  Why not give it a try? And don’t forget to tell us here when you do…


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