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Self-Awareness: A Must-Have for every career. This blog breaks the concept down, tells you how to achieve and grow your self-awareness with proven strategies and insights from many women

I’m pretty sure most of us have worked with, or worse, worked for a person with poor self-awareness. Isn’t it difficult? Whether it’s outright poor behavior or something subtler like asking questions in a way that prescribes and limits the possible answers, I think self-awareness is critical in achieving a rewarding career.

And it’s essential for women battling their way to the upper echelons of the corporate world, because with so few of us up there, the scrutiny of rising women is intense, and I know from personal experience you can feel very isolated.

I received this wonderful blog in the Professionelle newsletter. It’s straightforward, strategic and I found it inspiring.

“In Professionelle we consider successful women to be those who have made an impact in their chosen field, operate with integrity, live with well being, are passionate about what they do, comfortable with the choices they made – and derive and income from their work”

Doesn’t that sound like something we’d all love to be? To get the full blog, including their strategies for self-awareness and insights on how self-awareness helps you stay in control and in tune with your life, click here.


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