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Sharing stories and overcoming SME nerves

I was recently interviewed for an article on the impact of the recession on SMEs and survival strategies.  Julianne Dowling interviewed a range of financial consultants and SME owners including Guy Bicknell (owner of Mobius Marketing), Louise Brogan (financial coach), Les Szekely (private business investor and tax lawyer) and Chris Gration (from Veda Advantage).

I was struck that this style of article is exactly the kind of approach we have at sphinxx. If you’ve been to one of ourAscend days, you’ll have seen first hand that we’re all about swapping our experiences and ideas, and learning from leaders in the business community. The article has a range of approaches and insight that are probably not available in just one person’s career.

Click here to check out the article, and if you haven’t already registered for Ascend May click here


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