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Small business owners – support on pricing

Running a small business is a challenge, and one that women have been picking up and running with increasingly for 30 years now.

Often small businesses start because a woman has a recognised a product or service gap she is passionate about and keen to fill. Or perhaps because she finds she has a skill that she wants to take into a whole new field of work.

Either way, financial support can be the difference between seeing your idea soar or smash. And one of the big challenges is achieving balance between your business venture and your life – especially when you’re not earning a salary as such.

Kathryn’s Mint has been in financial consulting for small businesses for a while now, and runs great workshops about exactly this issue, called “Show Me The Money!”. Kathryn can show you how to set prices that will give you complete confidence that you can cover costs, pay yourself properly and deliver rewarding profits.

She’s offering a 20% discount for start ups and micro businesses, so if you’re interested in ensuring you’ve got pricing right, contact her through her website.


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