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Smart phones –friend or foe

Technology increases our ability to reach one another and be constantly connected to your responsibilities, people, and life, especially with the exponential rise of the smart phone. But is this a good thing? It seems that half of the women I speak with think their smartphones have given them flexibility and freedom, while the other half wish they could flush the darned things down the toilet (and sometimes their kids do this for them!).

I just found this Australian School of Business article about a research study carried out by Judith MacCormick (Australian School of Business at the University of New South Wales), Kristine Dery (University of Sydney) and Darl Kolb (University of Auckland).

A taste of the article:

“An executive recently experienced a surprising wake-up call about his phone etiquette. When he arrived to celebrate a romantic anniversary with his wife at a restaurant she had booked, there were three place settings at the table. “Why did you book a table for three?” he asked his wife.

“It would have been rude not to have included all of us,” she replied. “You, me, and your BlackBerry.” Message received, loud and clear.”


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