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Support National Adoption Awareness Week –

This week is National Adoption Awareness Week (NAAW) and I must send a huuuuuuge thank you to Karen James at Women in Focus for inviting me to fundraising breakfast for NAAW yesterday… Not just any breakfast, of course, but I had the chance to share a table and breakfast with Deborrah-Lee Furness.  Deborrah-lee is the founder and Patron of National Adoption Awareness Week (oh, and of course she’s also the wife of Hugh Jackman!) and shared her views why adoption needs an overhaul. 


 Along with the 1400 other women at the Business Chicks Breakfast, Deborrah-lee engaged us in a journey of learning and loving – and her dream for the notion of adoption to be abolished altogether. Deb see’s herself not as an adoption advocate, but an advocate for kids and she says she won’t rest on this issue till all of the 148 million kids who are orphaned or abandoned around the world have a loving home and family to support them.

Australia is the second lowest adopting country in the world – which hardly makes sense when you consider how lucky we all are.

You can support NAAW 6-13 November by visiting the website and getting involved.



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"The only moment we ever really have is this one - celebrate it. Happiness isn't in the future or the past but in the awareness of the present." - Anna McPhee

Anna's words are how she lived her life. She has been an amazing inspiration, a wonderful support, a gracious mentor to me throughout my career. So many of us counted her as a girlfriend to look up to, and her legacy will live on in the many women she has inspired to live their very best life.

I will miss her.

Sending condolences to Reggie, Anna's beautiful mum Trish and adoring sisters, and all of her extended family.

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