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Supporting women in developing nations benefits your business too: McKinsey Findings

A while ago I blogged about some McKinsey findings that found girls in developing nations were a better investment then boys. But I was just sent an article by McKinsey that claims that companies who have social investments that focus on women in developing countries also earn themselves “sizeable economic benefits”.

83% of executives in a McKinsey survey said that there business worked in some way with developing nations and markets, but only 19% of the same survey cohort said that their company supported the development of women in poorer regions. 

But the McKinsey finds claim that they should, as the benefits of such an investment are numerous: it can broaden the companies market, improving the size or quality of their current and potential workforce, maintaining and improving their reputations. And it also makes a better investment, as we know that women in developing nations contribute more of their financial resources to their family and community then men do, which improves workplace productivity.

Want more information? Click here to for summary article, and register with McKinseys (their newsletter is free) to get the full scoop.


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