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Women and Leadership: Do women value MBAs as much as men?

An article this week in AFR titled “Women Lagging in MBAs” caught my interest and has had me pondering ever since whether or not it’s a problem that only 35 per cent of students in Australian MBAs. A decade or so ago when I was comple…

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Steve Jobs on reaching out and reaping the rewards: Fantastic advice from the archives

This clip featuring Steve Jobs is doing the rounds again – and I love it for it’s simplicity, brevity (just 2 minutes!) and practicality.  Success is all about being prepared to give it a go, to reach out, to take risks, says Jobs.&nbs…

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Wishing you a joyous Christmas and a new year filled with meaning, connection and energy: how talented women will thrive in 2013

With Christmas Eve upon us, and most of us embarking on a well-deserved break, my wish is that 2013 brings meaning, connection and energy in abundance, in your work and in life.  If you do have the chance for reflection over the break, I highly re…

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The gender agenda: some recommended reading from around the traps…

The Australian Stock Exchange commissioned a survey that found more than half of 211 ASX-listed companies have established a gender diversity policy as recommended by ASX Principle 3.

The Australian Institute of Management has publis…

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Adding to the portfolio career: a new flexible role in the mix

It’s been a busy month here as I’ve been settling into the latest changes in my porfolio career, a management consulting role with Third Horizon Consulting Partners. Thanks to those of you noticed the change on LinkedIn and sent messages&he…

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(At least) 3 things women need to stop apologising for

“Women need to stop apologizing for routine workplace events,” Bloom
shared with me in an email. “Ladies, every time the word ‘sorry’ is
about to fly out of your mouth, think: Have I actually done something
wrong? Or has this just become a verbal tic?” 
Here are three things that women often apologize for and what we can do to stop, today.

1.  Our financial expectations.
Ever since women entered the workforce en masse, there have been
reports revealing that we make less on average than our male
counterparts. Although this gap is lessening, there is still much
progress to be made. Yes, talking about money can be an uncomfortable
endeavor. However, if you’re armed with good ammunition to back up your
demand, you’ll feel more confident and ready to engage in that dialogue.
In other words, be clear what you want, and don’t leave until you get
it (well, within reason). Moreover, when in contract negotiations for
any job or project, engage an advisor so that you have a second set of
eyes on the details and can work out what’s acceptable and what’s not
with someone well-versed in the small print.

2.  Our physical appearance.
Earlier this week I did a little tally of how long it took me to
prepare for one of my other jobs, working as a national TV host on a
business news network. The night before our shoot, I spent two hours
with my clothing sponsor picking out my wardrobe for upcoming shoots.
The next morning I spent two hours getting my hair done, two hours
getting my nails done, and 30 minutes in makeup just before the show.
Almost a full day, and I haven’t even started my job, compared with my
co-host, who literally grabbed a clean shirt and was ready to go (yes,
he’s male). 

3.  Our professional accomplishments.
“Women are trained to be sensitive to everyone’s feelings, not to be
selfish, and not to brag,” Bloom explains to me when I ask about this
culture of saying sorry. “These are good traits to have. Be we also need
to understand that sometimes it’s not appropriate to apologize–like
when we haven’t done anything wrong.”

From the article by Amber Mac, at Fast Company

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