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Tell your story – what do women want at work?

Are you contemplating a career move to a more female friendly workplace?  Or have you made the move already?  sphinxx is currently producing a whitepaper to help employers in attracting, retaining and developing women into leadership roles and we’re looking for women to tell their stories.
What has motivated you to consider the move? Was there a straw that broke the camels back? What are you hoping to find (or have found) in your new workplace and what advice you have for employers about attracting and retaining women into senior roles?  Have you been bullied? Have you been overlooked for promotions?  Have you been given inappropriate feedback or advice that has hindered your career and if so how did you respond?
From our investigations, some organisations and managers are completely clueless about what they need to do to make their workplace appeal to more high potential women…  So we’re looking for women to share their secrets.  If you would like to help other working women and we’d love to hear from you.  Please contact us in the first instance with an overview about you’d like employers to know about your experiences.


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