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The Enriched list – home brewed inspirational heroes list including Ascend speakers Ronni Kahn and Helen Wiseman

There is no denying that we live in a great country. Sure there aren’t enough women in leadership roles, and we work more than the OECD average hours per day and we’ve even got obesity issues to almost rival the home land of fast food’s weight problems. But we’re also packed full of people from all over the world, there is a huge range of exciting initiatives, that talk about and honestly believe in work life balance.

I am thrilled to announce Australia’s inaugural “Enriched List”, an initiative by the Sydney Morning Herald and American Express to celebrate key individuals who are using their skills and passions to support other people, and continue to blossom as individuals. Huge congratulations to Ronni Kahn and Helen Wiseman for making the list, these ladies have both shared their stories and inspired hundreds of leading Australian businesswomen at sphinxx’s Ascend days.

I also think that a thank you is in order to SMH and American express for celebrating and promoting their activities, and for having a fairly even split of male and female list members.


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