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The SheEO in the news and out and about… The Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, CPA Congress in Canberra

You might have seen my comments last week in The Daily Telegraph on yet more childcare fees that parents are being slugged with… This story by Letitia Rowlands highlights the “hidden” costs like wait list fees that parents are being forced to pay just to get their children into the centres of their choice.  Just another reason why we need more choice on childcare – and a reminder that you can still sign the petition to Make Care Fair.

And some tightening in the economy, this story by David Wilson in The Sydney Morning Herald has some great tips for how those of you in your own businesses can get paid on time, every time.  My tip – at the top of the list – is to to charge up front where you can… and there are some other great pearls that you can read here that I’ll be sharing with my business coaching clients for sure!

This week I’m heading off to Canberra to share my views on why we need more female leaders in finance… at the CPA Australia Canberra Congress, of course!

Have a story or event you’d like me to contribute to?  Just drop me a line, I’m always happy to be controversial and happier still to share my expertise and experience!



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