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UPDATED – You need a targeted strategy to get the best talent – new article. What does this mean for employers of women and how do women stand out and grasp recognition?

New findings from a global study by Employer Brand International confirm that if you want the best people for your business, you need to focus on who they are, and what they want then trust a general recruitment drive to lure them in. And if you’re after women, you really need to target

The findings show that across 15 different industries and positions, gender matters as a recruitment and job style factor. So how do you attract the best women, and how can you become one of those women being targeted?

This research discovered that two factors women really cared about were flexible working opportunities and a friendly working environment.  For the complete article click here.

My thoughts? A friendly working environment is an umbrella term for a healthy culture, robust communication processes and standards, rewarding tasks and opportunities, equitable pay and equal access to advancement and fair and objective performance reviews. There is a lot there to work on for employers, and I’ve found in my consulting that each company has different needs and obstacles to overcome.

For women, as you move up the ranks the recruitment process becomes very professional or very informal. Especially in that beginning stage of identifying targets to approach for a new role. Job offers and recommendations come from headhunters or colleagues and friends. Getting recognition for the work you do is crucial, make sure your employers are aware of the work you do, and what you bring to the team. And network network network.


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