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While Oprah is in the news, lets take a look at The 2010 O Power List – her own list of powerful women who’ve captivated her audiences in 2010

Just for inspiration on a Friday… and since Oprah’s been such a talking point among women in Australia this week…  Here’s The 2010 O Power List – the women who inspired Oprah and her audiences this year.  There’s A visionary educator…a headline-making newswoman…the designer every
bride loves and cherishes… not to mention a 91-year-old who’s still kicking up her heels… 19 amazing women plus… aaahhh.. one horse(?!)

From Jane McGonigal, a PhD who believes the future of the world lies in computer games (she has designed games for the World Bank Institute, which enrolled about 20,000 students in 150 countries) – to Sarah Lewis, the curator of the Museum of Modern Art – to Command Sergeant Major Teresa King, the first female commandant of
the U.S. Army Drill Sergeant School, responsible for turning out 1,640
new drill sergeants a year – the list is full of powerful women. 

And for those of us who grew up on Pretty Woman… yes, Julia Roberts, America’s most successful actress, even features for her Power in Living Large and loving life.

I love this list… there’s inspiration, fun and insight… enjoy, courtesy of Oprah!


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