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Why women can have it all!

Maureen Frank, founder of Emberin
and a truly sphinxx leader, has penned an article in this month’s
Dynamic Business Magazine about Why women can have it all! Frank reports that with paid parental leave due to
start in 2011, businesses need to help their female staff plan for
their time off and help them come back to work afterwards.

women don’t make it to board or senior executive level because they
choose motherhood over advancing their careers”, says Frank.  “This
choice also leads to a reduction of their own financial independence
and economic security, with them existing on lower incomes and lower
superannuation.”  Research shows this is sadly also contributing to the
creation of a growing gender gap in society, with female poverty
statistics in Australia at an alarming level.

Earlier this
year, the Australian Government finally committed to a paid parental
leave scheme, to come into force in 2011, going some way to helping
women take time out to have a baby. “Hats off to the Government”, says
Frank. “They’re at least putting their money where their mouth is.”

points out in her article that some Australian organisations have been
ahead of the game for a long time, offering paid maternity leave and
other flexible workplace incentives. “These organisations are the
female-friendly ones” she says, and as a result they have solid senior
women executive numbers at higher levels to their industry peers.

Click here to read the full article.


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