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Women face a “grass ceiling” cap on earnings

For those of you who are golfers (and I know many of you are!)….  Did you know that researchers at the University of New Mexico have identified a link between the placement of women’s tees on golf courses and their professional success.The farther apart men’s and women’s tees are in a region, they found, the fewer women there will be in sales management, general management, and marketing positions in the region and the less money those women will make. 

Drawing on a sample of 455 golf courses in 50 US states, the study’s authors (golfers all) offer 2 hypotheses for the correlation:
1. The more distant men’s and women’s tees are, the more likely it is that the sexes will segregate by cart, meaning that women miss out on the networking that goes on among the men (who are usually more powerful as a group than the women).2. Tee boxes placed far apart may signal — and reinforce — negative cultural beliefs in that region about women’s aptitudes.

SOURCE: “The Impact of Gender-Differentiated Golf Course Structures on Women’s Networking Abilities,” presented at the August 2008 meeting of the Academy of Management


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