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Would you like Wineselectors Offer: Receive four FREE crystal wine glasses worth $60 when you order

Despite the flood chaos at the farm this week, there is light at the end of the tunnel for my weekend.  Because my favorite delivery has arrived: my WineSelectors box!  What started out as a simple airport romance… I was on a work trip, waiting for a delayed flight and I saw the wine sampler just outside my departure gate… has turned into an enduring love affair!  Why?

There’s a few good reasons:

1. They deliver to my door – which is no mean feat when you live on a farm where mail is delivered only 3 times a week and all the letterboxes are in a row at the start of our laneway (ok well they don’t deliver the wine to my door, but the calling card tells me when to go to the post office!)

2. They have good wine.  Unlike the other wine clubs I’ve tried in the past, you don’t just get the bulk order mass marketed wines.  You get lots of boutique varieties from different regions, like the WA and SA regions I love the most, along with a gorgeous magazine that all my visitors love reading.

3. They look after my friends and family with special offers when they order – which my sisters in particular thought was fantastic 🙂  This month, for example, you get four free European crystal wine glasses from Schott Zwiesel valued at $60.

4. I get a gift too when I refer friends – which isn’t why I refer people, but is nice to be recognised.  Especially for women, because we’re good at referring products that we really like and use.

5. You can cancel at any time, without penalty or obligation. Which I like the idea of (and which I think is one of the reasons why the quality remains so good!)

6. They have other special offers and discounts available via the WineSelectors website that you can access once you’re a member.  Great for if you’re planning a special event or function.

So if you’ve been thinking of joining a wine club – or you have a special event coming up that you need to cater for – I can definitely recommend WineSelectors and their delivery service.  No obligation of course, it’s just a service I know and love, and thought you might too…

Is there another service you love and would recommend?  Why not share the details here on the blog…


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