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Yes you can enjoy presenting! – a guest blog post by Dr Louise Mahler

At a recent conference where I spoke with Ged Kearney, the new ACTU president here in Australia, Ged announced how terrified she is and has always been of speaking. This has not stopped her taking on such a major national role with major public profile.  Ged went on to explain how, as a little girl at the age of 6, she had to sing at the bar of her father’s pub. She said she was very shy and hated every minute, but she survived. Many of us have some experience we ‘survive’, but possibly without the best execution. At an unconscious level we remember the strategies for that performance and keep regurgitating them into our adult and work lives. We keep surviving.

Ged is not alone, but presentation can be exciting and fun. We have to educate ourselves about what impacts on our mind, body and voice under these circumstances, diagnose how we are responding and decide whether that is the best way to work or not. That is when the enjoyment starts. There is a life in presentation beyond ‘survival’, but most people don’t seek it out.

I’ve developed a specialised understanding of the mind-body-voice connection which is the key to professionalism and enjoyment, which many of you experienced at the recent Ascend development days where I spoke about:

  • How to manage nerves (you will never get rid of them!)
  • Why you should never take a deep breath in or relax (because you do it incorrectly)
  • Posture alignment for sound (if your body is not aligned the sound will not work)
  • Gesturing your way to freedom (Think ‘Julia Guillard’)
  • Smiling away the fear (yes there is a good scientific basis for this)

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