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You want to be a strong voice on your team, in your company. But what does you actual voice communicate about you? Free article from Louise Mahler, opera singer, business woman, and upcoming speaker for August Ascend Days

Louise is one of those people who offers information and insights you hadn’t even thought of. With her opera singing background, voice is her area of expertise and what she will be speaking about at the August Ascend development days. There are still a few places left in each city, but not many so secure your spot today.

Surely we must not accept a voice that does not function well or something with which we must ‘just live’. We all have choices although we may be influenced by many factors including family, country, traumatic and ongoing stress. But rather than considering the voice as something we cannot change, we could recognise it as a manifestation of holding patterns of body and mind and realise that when we are unhappy with that pattern, we can take steps to amend it. The voice then becomes a pliable thermometer of change—and it is right under your nose.
And from the article:

“…the voice appears to be a tool of communication we manipulate for certain effects. In Australia, with our passion for authentic communication, this ‘manipulative’ quality is something from which we steer clear and, as a consequence, the study of voice has been sidelined.”

Download the full article PDF here.


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