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21 tips for interviews: If you’re looking for a job, make sure you read these, Pam Naughton’s expertise and advice is sure to improve your performance.

If you’re out of work, looking to change jobs, to get back into the workforce, involved in restructuring negotiations or promotion discussions, being able to stand out in an interview will be critical to your success.  There are a lot of lists of tips about interviews online and in books, and it can be hard to get beyond the basics such as “make a good first impression by dressing appropriately” and “make eye contact and don’t fidget”.

This list does. You can tell Pam knows her stuff. From information on words to avoid using, to personal appearance, to a polite salary negotiation postponing tip (because no one wants to do that in the first interview), to exactly how to craft your answer to “tell us about yourself” question, this is a must read for interviewees.

A sample of the article:

“ Tip 14: The weakness question is one I have personally struggled with.  An excellent tip is to look for something that will be fairly obvious and use this as a limitation.  For example, “I feel that a limitation I will have in this role is that whilst I have a great understanding of financial services and I have a lot of experience, I would need to come up to speed with the specific financial products and services that your organisation offer”.  Look for something relatively simple and if you can’t think of a limitation above, look for something which isn’t going to be a big part of the job.”


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