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Announcing Westpac’s $12,000 Scholarship available in NSW for managers and introducing Australia’s incredible first female entrepreneur

I got an email this morning with a brief bio of Mary Reibey. She’s the woman on the $20 note, a former convict, a mother of seven and after her husbands death in 1811, she took over and expanded his company Entally House, an overseas trading company and his property interests.

Mary Reibey was both Westpac’s first landlord and one of their first shareholders. Westpac has is celebrating their connection to Reibey by empowering women to follow in her entrepreneurial and successful footsteps. Westpac Women’s Market and the Australian Graduate School of Management  (AGSM) are offering a scholarship for a metropolitan and a rurally based woman to attend a training course from the AGSM Executive Program.

So if you’re an executive manager, or even just aspiring to become one, make sure you check out thescholarship if you’re interested in applying for the NSW scholarship for an AGSM Executive Program (valued at $11,990!) with Westpac, make sure you get the full details of their scholarship here.


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