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Because it’s Friday: a fantastic list of brief, practical blogs to explore on your weekend including how to praise your child, best use caffeine, resist temptation, think, have a long marriage, resist aging…

Barking up the wrong tree is a great blog. And I recently discovered this digest of a range of his blogs called “How to quickly and easily improve your life.

It includes: how to easily be more credible when complaining, how to improve learning while you sleep, how to use the good cop, bad cop technique, how to pick optimal starting prices for negotiations, how to quickly and easily improve performance in most any area, how to make your kid smarter, how to trick yourself into eating less food and spending less money, how to spot a concealed hand gun etc, how convince ambivalent people.

The list goes on and on, and is full of fascinating research, a lot of which I know I will be using. Maybe not  how to threaten people, but there is a lot in here that is gold.


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