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Communication tips for getting ahead at work

Have you been feeling like you’re ready for a new challenge at work? Are you keen to move on from the role or department that you’re in? Do you feel a bit stuck and are not sure how to continue to progress your career?

I recently discovered this article by Connie Glaser. She’s a pro communicator about gender differences based in the United States, and her list of tips of how to get ahead are very helpful.

Sure you may not want to follow all of them, like sending out press releases for your achievements but there are many great tips on how to get yourself noticed and promoted. Her advice is both immediate such as offer to run presentations for your team so you are the one who is noticed but also long term such as keeping a weekly record of your achievements and requesting that co-workers who compliment you put it in writing so you have a record ready for asking for pay rises, promotions etc.


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