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Court orders naming of DJs sex case witnesses – why this is a bad move for gender equality

Those who know me know that my mantra is to keep it simple and tell it as it is… so it might seem counter intuitive that I think it’s a bad thing the Federal Court of Australia is ordering the names of witnesses be disclosed in the Kristy Fraser-Kirk / Mark McInnes case.  However with one in twelve women saying they’ve experienced sexual harassment at work – but are afraid to speak out against it – my concern is this move by the Courts will deter other women from speaking up and supporting colleagues who’ve been wronged… and importantly prevent employers from fixing this problem.

Why does the court need to reveal the names now?  So these women can be harassed and harangued in the same way that Fraser-Kirk has been since news of the case broke?

There’s a time and a place for naming the names.  It needn’t be now, and it needn’t be splashed over the media.

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