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Even without kids, women still don’t achieve pay parity – and we’re talking $15,000 p.a. less.

This Catalyzing blog had me cheering along as Ilene challenged men to stop fearing equality and criticized some media outlets for depicting women as mere risk-averse cleaner-uppers. “Is cleaning up a leadership trait?” asked Ilene. “I don’t think so.”

Arguing that the main issue to pay equity and equal gender representation is having children is like arguing that a hat will save you from sunburn in the summer. Sure it’ll save your face and maybe your shoulders, but there is so much more going on.

This is another glass cliff issue. Women are not just discriminated against during childrearing, nor does every woman have children. Not only that, but I’m concerned that the constant reverting back to the “challenge of motherhood within a career” by employers might just be keeping working women in the mum box. When I walk into a CEOs office for consulting work, I want them to notice and appreciate my experience and expertise first, because I’m working.

Whenever I read blogs like this one,  I am reminded of Machievelli’s words “those with the power will never voluntarily give it up”. So take a look, forward this blog and lets get serious about fixing the pay gap.


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