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Glass ceilings, glass walls? The pernicious presence of workplace sexism, and it’s impact

Toni Bowers has written a wonderful blog on sexism in the workplace, highlighting the many forms work-related sexism can take, and the possible existence of glass walls between lateral roles and similarly ranked colleagues.

When you look at the stats for women in leadership, or how often we get ignored for a promotion, you can forget that it’s little things like men checking their phones while you’re speaking at a meeting that matter in assessing your workplaces culture.

She also offers some great insights on the character of the IT industry and sexism.

It’s well worth a read, and a big thank you to Helene Blanchard for bringing this one to my attention.

And if you’ve got any stories of unconscious gender bias, if you post them below this week you get a free innoxa goody bag! Or you can email them to us here.


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