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Have a big presentation coming up? Get the tools and confidence to nail it at the Women Presenting Powerfully Masterclass is Sydney and Canberra this July.

A “fact” that’s been floating around a while now is many people fear public speaking more then death.  I’ve always wanted to know the methodology used for ascertaining that fact, as I think faced with the decision “presentation or death” I think most of us would choose presentation.

But presentations can be very stressful, especially when there is a lot riding on your performance, such as a project your team has been working on for months, or promotion you know you’ve earned. If you have to present to and persuade other people in high stakes situation such as exec meetings, proposal pitches or boardroom style meetings, I recommend Executive Central’s “Women Presenting Powerfully Masterclass”.

The “Women Presenting Powerfully Masterclass” will equip you with a toolkit of skills and confidence to make sure your presentations make the impact you want them too. Ran by experienced presenters, you will be given ample opportunity to practice the techniques and receive feedback to make sure when you leave the presentation, you’re ready for whatever presentation you have next, no matter how big.


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